Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I was hoping to write this post before 12 a.m, but that will not be possible. Where is Daylight Savings Time when you need it?? The Rat Race is here. The first leg ends April 28th and the second and final leg ends June 16th. April 28th is the final day of class. By this time I need to have completed 30 hours of serivce work and need to gave found another job. In my MCAT, job search, temporary Bourbon Bartending,  Pharmacology scramble I have dleayed one very important thing. My service hours. This month will be a dash to complete them but I am determined. I will complete all 30 this month. I have signed up for two days of Habitat for Humanity on the last week of school. All the other days ore not available but I am going to call and try to fanagle two more days out of them. Who knows? They might offer me a job after! This is the first leg. Now on to the 2nd.

June 16th. June 16th. June 16th. I eat sleep and live this date. Why is this date so engrained into my daily routines you say? June 16th is not only the date I will be taking the MCAT but June 16th is the day I am free. I no longer have any more obligations requiring me to stay in New Orleans. Born and raised, I love my city. Its just time for a little break. LSU's tormenting silence has lead me to belive that I will not be matriculating in August, therefore preparations for this upcoming school year have already begun.  First things First. MCAT, then job. I have run across a very intersting postion at LSU calling for a Clinical Trials Coordinator. Its very people oriented and requires a Master's. This position may greatly help me if I were to possibly win it but there is only one problem. It's in New Orleans. I want out. Too young and too big of world to be stuck in this corner for so long. But hey it's a start. Clinical Trials Coordinators are needed throughout the country and this would greatly make up for my lack of research experience. Patience and persistence Julian. Patience and persistence.

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