Wednesday, August 31, 2016

On Monday, August 29th, the city of New Orleans "celebrated" the 11th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The City has nearly fully recovered from the storm which devastated much of the area. Ironically, about two weeks before the anniversary of Katrina, a natural disaster took place. This time New Orleans was not the victim though. The victims were our neighbors to the west, the citizens living in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area. Dubbed the "Louisiana Flood of 2016" the torrential rain began on August 11th  and flooded the area damaging more than 150,000 homes. They were very few casualties luckily but many of the homeowners whose residences flooded did not have flood insurance. So now it is a waiting game for them as they have to sit tight and hope for money from FEMA and the government so that hey may start to rebuild.

On Saturday, August 27th, my girlfriend drove to Baton Rouge in order to help gut a house that was assigned to us by Nola Tree Project. The homeowner was a single mom and Shreveport native with no family here to support her. Her house received two feet of water so we had to take out four feet of sheetrock and drywall, as well as all of the doors, the kitchen cabinets, and bathroom vanities. Luckily for Nola Tree Project, there were 4 other volunteers that day and were we able to get most of the work done in about 7 hours. Unfortunately she did not have flood insurance but she has decided to rebuild. The Louisiana Floods of 2016 will be forever ingrained in the minds of southeastern Louisiana citizens.