Friday, April 28, 2017

Finishing Thoughts

April community service hours: 15
Spring Semester total hours: 15
2016-2017 Academic year total community service hours: 47

Well, this is it. The final blog. I came, I saw and I failed. In my last post I wrote out my plan to achieve 30 hours but that failed and I was only able to muster up 15 in this last month. I had planned on also trying to volunter in building a home but that failed as well. As I pulled up to the construction site, thoughts about my lack of experience in construction overwhelmed me and I returned to the comfort of my role at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore warehouse. I know my how to do my job there and believe I am pretty good at it. Over the year I also acquired friends there which added to my level of comfortability. It was nice returning to the warehouse and seeing the improvements they had made since I had been gone and being able to catch up with some of my friends. The store is constantly changing as new donations are being dropped off everyday and merchandise is being sold. All in all I enjoyed my time volunteering there and plan to continue to volunteer there every now and then throughout the semester. I would say see you nect time, but there is no next time fortunately/unfortunately. Bitter sweet to say the least. Good bye friends. And Goodluck. 

Julian S.

(New Shelves!!!!)

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