Friday, September 30, 2016

This past month brought the first official day of fall and we have finally started to see some cooler weather down here in the dirty south. We are about a month and a half removed from the Louisiana Floods of 2016 and media coverage has gone down dramatically. There is now little to no news coverage and the great flood has been all but forgotten. I admit that even myself began to sort of forget about the catastrophe which rocked our neighbors. The New Orleans Parish Sheriffs Office held a clothes collection for those flood victims in need so my mother and I gathered up two trash bags full of clothes for donation. I went to drop them off at the Sheriff's Office and was told that I was a week too late and they had stopped collecting clothes for the victims. The victims had been all but forgotten

In terms of my volunteer hours, I applied to be a volunteer at the Daughters of Charity. The Daughters of Charity have about 10 low cost clinics located throughout the metro New Orleans Area. However, in my quest to become a volunteer there I have encountered some sticky red tape and is taking quite a while for me to become a volunteer. I hope to be able to start my volunteer work there in early October. So long for now.