Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Beginning of the End

In a blink of an eye the semester will be over and hopefully all the information crammed into my brain over the past four months will stay there. It has been quite an eventful semester and I fully believe that this program will help me on my journey to become a physician. 

Now as volunteer hours go, I finally heard back from Sister Bonnie at the Daughters of Charity but my heart was not in it anymore. I decided to pursue another route and began to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore Center. The ReStore center located at 2900 Elysian Fields helps to provide funding for Habitat for Humanity's philanthropic efforts by selling items which have been donated to them. These items range from used stoves, refrigerators, couches and desks to doors, shingles windows. They basically accept anything that can be reused and sold. My duties there includes helping to unload donating goods from the truck, helping customers  load their purchases and general maintenance of the facility. The store manager James is a very friendly guy and the employees appreciate all the help they can get. Habitat is doing a good thing for th community and I am glad that our program has motivated me to get involved in such an effort. 
(They have some good stuff for sale!)
Total November Hours: 7

Total Fall Hours: 14