Friday, December 16, 2016

Half Way Home

The semester has come to a close and what a quick one it has been. It is hard to believe that their is only one semester left in the program. We have learned a lot of information this semester that  I will be able to use in my second year of medical school ( as long as I get in.)

Now as far as volunteer hours go, I had some ground to make up as I was running behind and needed at least an additional 16 hours to complete the 30 required. The reason this is so important is that both Louisiana state medical schools offer a sort of "g.p.a forgiveness". If you complete 32 hours of post-bacc coursework they will use that g.p.a in place of your undergraduate one.

Over the course of days I put in 18 hours at the Re-Store warehouse and really began to feel comfortable there. The first day back in November was a little hard for me as it is not like "traditional"volunteering. There is no one really telling you what to do and you are own your own for the most part. You have to learn how to work at the store. You have to learn what needs to be done( taking out, the trash, sweeping, helping customers with question, helping customers load their purchases, helping unload the donations-hard to do when cold and rining, moving the donations onto the floor, general organization, etc.) Once I learned how to work the store I really began to enjoy the independence and made good friends with a core volunteer named Melvin. The first couple of days I followed him around and he became my "trainer" of sorts.

Overall I really enjoyed my time at the Re-Store warehouse and really enjoyed the physical labor aspect of it. I hope to return every now and then just to help out and say hello as I don't know if I will definitely be returning in the spring.  See ya'll in the New Year

December hours: 18
Semester hours: 32

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